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Comprehensive Day Trip Travel Planner for iPhone and Android

Places.com is a free full featured Global Positioning System (GPS) travel companion for iPhone and Android devices. It is a web application (app), so it runs on your mobile browser, with no further downloading and installation required.

Visit http://places.com on your iPhone or Android mobile browser and start using this free no-installation web app today!

Places.com is the perfect day trip planner tool for mapping out routes to the places you’re going to visit, and much more. Places.com makes it easy to find, record and remember notes, times, and even the contacts you were with. Its social media component lets you share posts on your current location and pictures of where you’ve been.

GPS, Personal Database, Google Maps & Places, Yelp Reviews — Integrated Into One Mobile Web App. And It’s Free.

Places.com integrates Google Maps and the GPS location services on your device, with your own personal places database that you build over time. It accesses Google Places for descriptions, location, contact information, ratings and reviews on most establishments. Google Maps Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) provide real-time maps, directions and shortest path traveling sequences. Your personal database contains places, contacts, check-ins, notes and photos that you’ve saved, as well as your subscriber parameters. Places.com also integrates summary place reviews from Yelp for nearby place searches.

What You Can Do with Places.com on your iPhone or Android

As this website explains, Places.com is designed to make it easy for you to find places, save them, see maps, see places nearby, share pictures, and get directions. Places.com will even route the shortest path for visiting several places in optimized order, to minimize travel time.

Places.com also integrates your contacts with your places, simplifying remembering associates when somewhere, or letting someone know where you are. The check-in feature records where you are at a certain time and place. You can optionally share your location while checked-in among selected contacts if you choose.

Works on Tablets, Notebooks, Laptops and Desktops Too!

Places.com will use either the geolocation services on your mobile device for determining your current location, or you can specify a default current location.

Places.com User’s Guide

This website serves as a guide to using the Places.com mobile web app. Click the black bar on the right edge of the browser to open the app. This is exactly the same app you use when visiting places.com on your mobile device. This site is designed to make it easy to be used in conjunction with the pull-out app or with your mobile device.

The main menu across the top or the Site Contents box on the right side gives you an outline of what this site contains. This website provides help with registration, check-ins, contacts, app settings, as well as finding, saving and sharing information on places for future reference.

Places.com Architecture

Places.com is still in beta so there may be bugs still to be found and fixed. We will continue to improve it every day. If you come across anything that isn’t right, please let us know.

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